Online Payments Account Creation

To create an account for online payments on your storage unit with Essex Mini-Storage, Inc. please do the following:

Within the above menu click on the “Online Payments” link

On the next page select the “Create Account” link as shown below. 

On the next page fill in the required information using either your 5 digit gate code (without the # sign) or your 7 digit phone number on file with us.

Always use a 3 digit number for your unit number (ex. 003, 011, 344 etc..)

All of the information listed above can be found on your contract.

Once you hit the submit button you will receive a confirmation email. 

Once your account is created you can log on to your account from this  “Online Payments” link or in the menu above. Follow the instructions from there to either make a payment, view your balance, see your payment history or setup automatic payments.